Friday, 19 July 2013

The Brookmans Park Residents Association is formed

Brookmans Park's Bradmore Green
Image by BPRA released under Creative Commons
The threat of a waste incinerator being built in the area, along with concerns about plans to build new homes in the village, brought 20 local residents together for the inaugural meeting of the BPRA - the Brookmans Park Residents Association.

Despite sweltering heat, those who had expressed an interest in playing some part in the formation and running of the BPRA gathered at the URC on Thursday 19 July to sign off on the wording of the constitution and agree on roles and responsibilities.

We now have a constitution, a chair, a secretary, a treasurer and a plan, although more volunteers are needed.

Initial soundings about whether a local residents association would be supported, along with the issues it should tackle, were taken at this year's Village Day, when a team set up a stall and canvassed people on their concerns.

One of the BPRA team posted about the issues raised in our discussion forum.
A huge 'Thank You' to all who turned up today, both to help on the stand and to sign up. It's very heartening to meet such lovely people and to know that there's a feeling of goodwill towards the founding of a Residents Association in Brookmans Park.

The main topics mentioned by our visitors today were:
  • Threat to the surrounding Green Belt
  • Inappropriate development
  • Planning approvals contrary to the character of the village
  • Hatfield Incinerator
  • Speeding
  • Parking
  • Potholes
  • Poor state of many pavements
  • Poor state of some verges
All felt that Brookmans Park needed a bigger voice and a bigger say in our future as a community."

At the first meeting of the BPRA at Brookmans Park URC on Thursday 18 July the following priorities were agreed.
  1. Planning and development:
    • In particular the threat of building houses on the site of Brookmans Park primary school.
    • The proposal to build 250 homes on RVC land south of the village.
    • Developments that are seen as being out of keeping with the rest of the village.
    • Whether existing planning restrictions are being applied properly.
  2. The Hatfield incinerator:
    • Concern over the proposal to build a waste disposal incinerator at New Barnfield in Hatfield.
    • Transparency in the process, including broken political pledges.
  3. Village parking:
    • The station car park and its future.
    • Village parking provision.
    • Parking restrictions and yellow lines.
    • Poor parking on pavements.

Discussion forum

A number of residents have been discussing forming the BPRA for some time. Three months ago the idea was mooted on the Brookmans Park Newsletter Forum. Soon after a discussion forum was set up for all BPRA issues. Any registered forum members (it's free) can start threads and post to this new area.


The BPRA is on Twitter and tweets under the name of @BrookmansParkRA. We will be using the hashtag #AL9, which is the postcode covering the area.

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