Sunday, 21 July 2013

Could you design a logo for the BPRA?

The Brookmans Park Residents Association (BPRA), which was formed last week, now needs a logo. Three members of the Brookmans Park Newsletter Forum have submitted designs. If you want to have a go, you can post to the logo discussion thread currently running in our forum.

Three suggestions

Here are the three submitted so far. The first by forum member Richard Jackson.

Created by Richard Jackson
Richard then put together a design based on Brookmans Park's Bradmore Green. He wrote in the forum:
Attempt number 2....using the shape of Bradmore Green to provide 2 triangles.  Changed colour to green to match.  With thanks and apologies to Google maps for the snip below the logo but wanted to demonstrate the shape!"
Created by Richard Jackson
Forum member Epiphany chose a blow lamp for the following reason
The logic actually is that BP probably owes its very existence to this little object as it was responsible for the fire that destroyed Brookmans Manor House back in 1891."

Suggested by forum member Epiphany
Would you like to have a go?  If so, please post your efforts in the discussion forum thread. Thanks in anticipation.

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