Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Template letters for BPRA anti-incinator campaign

The BPRA anti-incinator team has put together a number of suggested letters for Brookmans Park residents to download and send to the planning inspectorate. Please note that the information from HAI calls for THREE copies of the signed letter in one envelope.

There are two types of letters; one to send if you have objected before and one to send if this is your first letter of objection.

You may either use these as they stand, or we would encourage you to alter them and personalise as you see fit. Remember to put your own address in the usual place.

All letters must be with the inspectorate by the 21st August. Alternatively, there is a box in Brookmans Park Newsagents. Please post your letters in here by no later than Saturday 17th August.

Click here to download a sample letter if you have objected before, and here if this is your first time for objecting. There are over 50 sample letters and one will be chosen at random for you to download.

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