Thursday, 1 August 2013

Brookmans Park Residents Association logo chosen

The BPRA has a new logo, just two weeks after the group was set up.

A number of local residents submitted their suggestions and we invited everyone to pick the logo they liked best.

In the end it was a dead heat between Logo 6 and Logo 7. After considering both, the BPRA committee decided to go with Logo 7 (below).

Logo 7, designed by Richard Jackson

The winning logo, made up of two green triangles, will now be included in all our official stationery and other communications.

Richard Jackson explains the concept behind the use of triangles in the BPRA Forum.

Richard also designed the Logo 6 which polled the same number of votes as the one chosen by the BPRA.

Logo 6, designed by Richard Jackson

Thanks to all who submitted logos. You can see all seven here. And thanks, too, to all those who took the time to vote. The final voting scores are captured below in a screen grab as the poll closed.

The final voting scores in the poll for the BPRA logo

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