Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The importance of the BPRA door-to-door anti-incinerator campaign

Have you registered your objection yet? BPRA anti-incinerator
campaign material delivered to every home in Brookmans Park

Majority against

A campaigner calling door-to-door on behalf of the Brookmans Park Residents Association (BPRA) has reported an overwhelming surge of opinion AGAINST the proposed Hatfield incinerator.

The local resident who took on to knock on 51 homes in Shrublands and Woodlands wrote in our forum that 97% of those he spoke to were going to send letters opposing - some for the second time, others for the first.

Worryingly, some had never heard of the incinerator, which underlines the importance of the BPRA's leaflet and letter campaign. The campaigner wrote:

Alarmingly four of the households had not heard of the incinerator!

Knocking on doors

However another, delivering to Peplins Way and Peplins Close, stressed the importance of following up the leafleting campaign by knocking on doors. They found the following responses:
  • Some had put the leaflet to one side but did intend objecting, and were grateful for the reminder.
  • Several seemed to have only a vague idea of what I was talking about, and no real sense of it being an issue that impacted them and their loved ones.
  • Two were elderly without access to computers and glad to receive the letters.
  • Only one had actually already responded.
The campaigner said:
From this it is clear that putting leaflets through doors is not enough and we need to follow up.

Still time to object

Remember, you have until Saturday 17 August to post your letters in because all letters must be with the inspectorate by August 21.

More details, and sample letters (you need to send three copies) can be found in our earlier post, but are copied below.

Click here to download a sample letter if you have objected before, and click here if this is your first time for objecting. There are more than 50 sample letters and one will be chosen at random for you to download.

The BPRA would like to thank all those who delivered leaflets and all those who have responded.

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