Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Update re responses received to HCC consultation

Cathy Roe of HAI has asked HCC spatial planning dept how many responses they received to the consultation. The reply was 2885 of the simple response forms, including the 2426 that  Cathy delivered to them direct. The number is well over what was submitted for the Sites consultation in Dec 2012  (which was 2317) and the Sites consultation in Feb 2012 (about 2000). So it has certainly been shown that concern about the sites plan remains very strong, and indeed, has grown stronger.

This does not include responses made in other formats, e.g. by WelHatBC and other organisations, and HCC cannot yet say how many responses in total about New Barnfield they received.

They are making a summary of all the representations, to send to the Inspector, and hope to do this by Feb 28th. The person Cathy spoke to was unsure when/how we would get a copy of this.

HCC do not know when the Inspector will make his decision.

Well done to everyone involved in amassing such a strong response!

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