Monday, 23 June 2014

Meeting on Thursday 10th July

The next meeting will be on Thursday 10th July 8.00pm at the BP URC.

This will be attended by Vikki Hatfield, Parking Services Team Leader at Welhat, who is coming to talk about parking issues in Brookmans Park and possible solutions.

Ms Hatfield is keenly aware that different areas/roads in Brookmans Park have different problems and therefore are in need of different solutions, so is keen to get the views of as many residents as possible at this meeting. To facilitate this, Ms Hatfield has asked if she could have any questions in advance so that she can be as fully prepared as possible. 

Please email your questions for Ms Hatfield to

Village Day 2014

A wonderful afternoon in the sun, meeting our members and signing up new ones. Good to be next to the North Mymms Green Belt Society with their maps showing all the land in North Mymms which has been suggested for development.

As well as a newsletter with info on our activities over the last 11 months and joining forms, we had boxes of books to give away in return for a donation to the defibrillator fund. We will be donating £50 to the defibrillator fund.

From talking to our members, BP residents' main concerns are still: possible loss of Green Belt to inappropriate development, bad parking, potholes, speeding along village roads, and of course the proposed Hatfield incinerator.

Monthly meeting Thursday 12th June

The Brookmans Park School PTA have very kindly allowed us to have a stand at Village Day again this year, on Saturday 21st June. We will give out an update on our activities during the last year and info on how to join the BPRA.

Invitations have been issued to various people to come and address BPRA meetings:

Vikki Hatfield, Parking Services Team Leader at Welhat - possible date 10th July.

Councillor John Dean - to follow up from his talk at NMPC Annual Meeting

Trevor Saunders, new Head of Planning Policy at Welhat - joining June.

We are going to get quotes for BPRA badged stickers for residents' doors/windows "No Cold Callers", and possibly new magnetic calendars with local shops and services.

Results of Public Enquiry into the Hatfield super-incinerator due 26th June.