Thursday, 10 July 2014

Meeting Thursday 10th July re parking in BP - sample questions for Ms Hatfield

Residents have been emailing their questions for Vikki Hatfield to answer tonight. Here is a sample:

1. What are the results of the latest re-consultation of Bradmore Way and Peplins Way.
2. Why is parking in the village not being addressed holistically. Parking restrictions street by street simply displaces the commuters to other streets.
3. In the various consultations for Parking in Bradmore Way and Peplins Way, why were all viable options not clearly explained. What is the council policy for full disclosure.
If all viable options had been clearly and fully explained, then the residents could have made an informed choice from the beginning. In particular, this refers to Residential Zoning Parking Permits requiring no road marking, for which Bradmore Way and Peplins Way are eligible. It should not rely upon individual residents to inform all residents of the legal options available.
4. What is the council policy for consulting with other government organisations ie schools which would be impacted by parking restrictions. Restrictions will have an impact upon the Brookmans Park school’s daily running. There has been no consultation to date even though it has been requested.
5. What dispensation plans have been made for school teacher /visitor parking and parent parking on school events days.

6. Why are there no disabled parking bays in the village?

7. What can be done about preventing parking on the pavements, so that the elderly and disabled can get past on mobility scooters and the parents can get past with pushchairs?

8. We have heard that some roads in Brookmans Park (eg Brookmans Avenue) have been 'bought' by a company, which may intend to restrict parking and charge for it. Is this true?

9. Could the widest parts of the pavements in the village centre be utilised for herringbone parking?

10. The main problems started when the car park was no longer free. What can be done about reversing this and letting all the commuters park for free again?

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