Monday, 11 August 2014

Development meeting Thursday 14th August

This month's meeting will be on Thursday 14th August 7.45pm at Brookmans Park United Reformed Church. Our speaker will be Councillor John Dean who will be coming to talk about Welwyn Hatfield Borough's Local Plan, which is due to be put out to consultation this Autumn, and scheduled to be published Spring 2015.

The Local Plan is WHBC's plan for the growth and development of Welwyn Hatfield district, including the villages of North Mymms of which Brookmans Park is one. The growth and development being planned for will be substantial, in line with Government policy. Although the Local Plan will cover all areas of growth - such as local businesses and local jobs - the main concern for village residents will be the required targets in housing development, estimated to be 16,000 in WHBC's area alone, with space for only 3,000 of that figure to be built on brownfield land.

Landowners in and around Brookmans Park have already responded to Welhat's emerging Core Strategy (the forerunner to the Local Plan) and offered their land up for development. Most if not all is currently Green Belt.

Cllr Dean will not be able to give definitive figures on Thursday, but will be able to explain how the Local Plan has been arrived at, what research underpins the Local Plan, and hopefully, what influence we might have as a community.

We need to know figures for attendance please, and ideally written questions in advance for Cllr Dean.

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