Friday, 24 October 2014

Welhat Cabinet Housing and Planning Panel (CHPP) meeting 23rd October 2014

Members of the BPRA development committee attended the Welhat Cabinet Housing and Planning Panel meeting last night to hear the CHPP examine and comment on the latest report on possible sites for development in and around the villages in Welwyn Hatfield. Many of the sites will be published in the Local Plan in early 2015 for public consultation.

The current timeline that the CHPP is working to is as follows:

October 23 - 29    CHPP debate sites in the report
November 13       Consider further evidence
December 11        Present Draft Plan
December 17        Ratify Draft Plan
Early Jan 2015      Publish Local Plan for public consultation
Late 2015              Preparation of Final Plan

The latest report that CHPP is working on is here, with Brookmans Park on pages 85 - 96 and 122:

Thursday, 16 October 2014

BPRA calls for members to attend Welhat Cabinet meeting

The Welhat Cabinet Housing and Planning Panel meeting on Thursday 23rd October 7.30pm will be looking at the land proposed for development around the villages, including Brookmans Park.

This is included in agenda item 7:

The report of the Director (Strategy and Development) updates Members on the objective assessment of housing need for the borough, the review of urban capacity and windfall sites and the assessment of green belt sites that have been promoted for development around towns and villages, taking account of evidence in the Green Belt Study and the Landscape Capacity and Sensitivity. Pages 1 to End

All members who are able to attend should do so:

 Cypress Room, Salvation House, 2 Sterling Court, Mundells, Welwyn Garden City, AL7 1FT

If anyone wishes to download an agenda and public info pack (as well as looking at the list of panel members), here is the link:

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

BPRA Development Committee

At the BPRA public meeting in August Councillor John Dean spoke about the local plan, and made a recommendation that we would be in a strong position to control development within Brookmans Park if we presented a united view on what we wanted.  To this end the BPRA has formed a Planning Committee with the following “two pronged” approach:
o   Plan A - Continue the fight against any building on Green Belt
o   Plan B- Review the sites outlined in the The Local Plan to assess their relative impacts and suitability with a view to providing guidance and recommendations to the village as a whole

We held our first meeting last week and from this we have commenced a number of actions to move these objectives forward.  We have good representation from areas around The Gardens and Peplins, and would welcome representatives from other parts of the village – particularly those close to sites outlined in the SHLAA. Anyone who brings planning expertise would be particularly welcome, but we cannot admit anyone with links to potential developers or owners of the sites.”
The Local Plan:
Appendix D: Site Assessment
Appendix E: Site Maps