Monday, 17 November 2014

WHBC Cabinet Housing and Planning Panel meeting 13th November 2014

Members of the BPRA development sub-committee attended this meeting to hear the CHPP's report on Agenda item no 12:

 The Local Plan Update

"The report of the Director (Strategy and Development) informs members of the work which has been undertaken to date on transport impacts of developing the potential growth sites, on policy and site-specific viability and on updating the Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) to accompany the Local Plan Consultation document. Pages 63 to 72".

The detail contained in pages 63 - 72 of the Public Information Pack can be seen on this link;

It should be noted that this covers the whole of the Welwyn Hatfield district, not just the villages including Brookmans Park.

From the reports given at the meeting, we understand that a certain amount of 'modelling' has been undertaken - particularly with regard to Highways - but that full modelling cannot be completed and 'signed off' until the end of the Local Plan Consultation, when it will be clear which site(s) residents and 'other interested parties' have chosen for development.

So far:

The Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) for the Core Strategy is currently being updated for the higher housing targets as well as the location and distribution of growth.

Highways have reported that from their modelling to date, it is obvious that a number of roads and junctions across the district will need to be improved.

Education and Health, development of schools and health centres will be relative to quantum development, the work is ongoing and will not be completed until the sites are agreed.

Viability - work on strategic locations cannot be completed until the sites are chosen.

Comments made by councillors:

Stephen Boulton pointed out that all the above would mean going into the public consultation without all the answers on infrastructure.

Another councillor asked what mechanisms WHBC would put into place to ensure that the different departments 'delivered'.

Both of these comments/questions are still to be answered.

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