Thursday, 12 February 2015

Notes from meeting of WHBC CHPP on 11th December 2014

A very interesting meeting last night at the CHPP. Obviously things can change before next week's ratification meeting, and even after that, the full Cabinet may choose to disregard the recommendations made by the Panel. 

It was agreed that WHBC should send a letter to Eric Pickles making the case for a new Garden City or New Town in Hertfordshire, outside the Green Belt. This is something that the BPRA and others have been urging WHBC to do for some time.

However, WHBC still has to proceed with the Local Plan and the following are points that were agreed last night, and will (may?) go forward for ratification at the CHPP meeting on 17th December.

The option for a new Garden City or New Town will go into the public consultation.

Only the 'more favourable' sites will go forward to public consultation, this would yield 10,100 new dwellings. The 'finely balanced' and 'less favourable' sites will not go forward to public consultation but will appear in the public document to show that they had been considered.

Panshanger will be upgraded to 'more favourable' from 'finely balanced', as it is not Green Belt and it has been earmarked for development since 1993.

Less proposed development in NW Hatfield, particularly on the HAT1 so as to avoid coalescence with WGC.

Marshmoor in Welham Green will move from 'finely balanced' to 'more favourable', on the basis of job creation.

WHBC's minutes of the meeting can be found here:

And on YouTube here:

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