Thursday, 12 February 2015

Notes from meetings of NMDGBS and BPRA 26th Jan and 27th Jan 2015

Here is an update following the NMDGBS meeting on Monday 26th January and the BPRA meeting Tuesday 27th January.

The NMDGBS is preparing a defence of all Green Belt sites within North Mymms - the 'more favourable', the 'finely balanced' and the 'less favourable'. Although it is only the 'more favourable' sites in the public consultation, the other two categories still appear in the appendix.

The NMDGBS will then issue a map for each village, showing all sites, and giving a list of valid objections to development in each site, for residents to use in their responses to the consultation.

The BPRA will provide a list of more 'local' issues that we consider to be of importance for specific sites (eg some residents in The Gardens backing BrP6 have had trouble negotiating household insurance because of localised flooding). 

Both the above should be completed in the next 2 weeks, the BPRA will then add our list to the NMDGBS list, and there will be a door-to-door leaflet drop with residents able to 'pick and choose' what to put in their letters.

The BPRA is also planning a 'drop-in' day in early March, in the village centre, where residents can come for advice and help on drafting responses by letter or on the WHBC consultation portal. More detail as soon as we have it.

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