Thursday, 12 February 2015

Notes from WHBC's Local Plan 'Consultation Event' 4th February 2015

With thanks to BPRA committee member MC for the following:

  • All sites should be commented on, not just the 'More Favourable', for the reason below.
  • It is quite possible that sites currently designated 'Finely Balanced' or 'Less Favourable', may be re-designated 'More Favourable' as developers lobby for their land to be developed.
  • There may be sites which might still come forward, but these will be put into the SHLAA first before going into the Consultation Document (amended).
  • There may be another 'mini consultation' to pick up on any extra sites put forward.
  • WHBC would like residents to comment on 'preferred sites'. 
  • WHBC would prefer comments to be made online.
  • Comments made should concentrate on points of planning and Green Belt ONLY. Comments such as "it will be unsightly", "it will spoil my view" etc will NOT be taken into account.

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