Thursday, 12 February 2015

Responses to the WHBC Local Plan

North Mymms District Green Belt Society has now published a letter about the Local Plan and how to comment/object, together with a map of the More Favourable, Finely Balanced and Less Favourable proposed development sites around Brookmans Park, and a guide to the key relevant planning objection points on a site by site basis. These will be distributed to all households in Brookmans Park over the next few weeks. Please be aware that these designations could change over the course of the coming year as further evidence could be submitted by developers that affect a site's suitability and therefore it is important that any comments you have about any of the proposed sites are made now, before the Public Consultation ends on March 19th 2015.

The letter and maps can be found by clicking through here into the forum,92.msg37504.html#msg37504

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