Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Planning Consultation Response Letters

The BPRA has compiled some response letters for the planning consultation for each of the areas in Brookmans Park. They are in MS Word format but printed versions will also be available on Saturday 7th March at The Brookmans

Click on the link to select and download the files, open them in WORD then make sure you put your name and address at the top and sign at the bottom after printing it. You may leave the final letter at the Newsagents for collection by the BPRA

You can send your responses on as many of the areas as you like and add any further comments if you have any. Please note that all responses will be available to the public on the council's website

BrP1 - Land at Bell Lane
BrP2 - Land North East of the Great North Road
BrP4 - West of Brookmans Park
BrP6 - Land at Bluebridge Road
BrP9 - Friday Grove
BrP10 - Raybrook Farm
BrP12 - Peplins Wood
BrP13 - Land West of Golf Club Road
BrP14 - East of Golf Club Road

Infrastructure response letter

New Barnfield  

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