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Greenbelt society responds to local plan final draft

The following has been circulated by the North Mymms District Green Belt Society (NMDGBS). It's the group's response to the Local Plan final draft (which covers house building and development of the area), along with news about two public meetings, organised by the NMDGBS, and which local residents are encouraged to attend. The meetings are:
  • For Welham Green: At the North Mymms Youth and Community Centre, Station Road on Monday 19 September at 8pm.
  • For Brookmans Park: At the United Reformed Church, Bluebridge Road on Wednesday 21 September at 8pm.
Another meeting you might want to make a note of is Welwyn Hatfield Borough Councils only drop in meeting in the area.

It's to be held at the Brookmans Park United Reformed Church, Oaklands Avenue, Brookmans Park, AL9 7UJ on Tuesday 6 September between 3.30pm and 7.30pm.

Below is the text from the NMDGBS update. You can discuss this here by adding your comments at the end of this article, in a thread running on The Brookmans Park Newsletter community discussion forum, or on our Facebook page.

LOCAL PLAN: Latest News Final Consultation on Draft Local Plan Proposed Submission & North Mymms District Green Belt Society Public Meetings 

We attended the Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council Cabinet meeting on 02 August 2016 where as expected the recommendations from the Cabinet Housing Planning Panel on 20 July were ratified.

Please note that just to confuse things the Council have now changed the site identities. Below are listed both old and new prefixes.

  • WeG4b/SDS7 Marshmoor – 80 dwellings and 40,500m2 of employment land 
  • GTLAA01/HS35 Foxes Lane - 12 pitches 
  • Hat11/HS11 Land at Southway (next to New Barnfield) – 120 dwellings 
  • BrP4/HS22 Land west of Brookmans Park - 250 dwellings 
  • BrP13/HS21 West of Golf Club Road - 14 dwellings 
  • BRP14/HS23 East of Golf Club Road – 10 dwellings 
  • BrP7/HS24 Hawkshead Road (on a reduced site area) - 100 dwellings 
  • LHe1/HS25 Land north of Hawkshead Road – 35 dwellings 
HOWEVER: All the Welham Green sites are considered suitable but have not been put forward because of limited Primary School capacity and because an alternative site has not been identified to deliver an expanded school. It was stated at the Cabinet meeting on 02 August that two Welham Green site promoters are currently working together and are in discussion with the Council to address this issue.

It is possible that following the forthcoming Public Consultation the Council could decide to make changes and additions and re-consult before submitting the Plan to an Inspector for Public Examination.

Similarly in Brookmans Park development has been capped to approximately 250 dwellings because of limited capacity to expand the Primary School. Once again the site promoters of sites that are considered suitable are seeking to resolve this issue with the Council. We will be monitoring this situation and will keep you informed.


The Council will be undertaking a FINAL Public Consultation over an eight week period commencing on Tuesday 30 August and ending at 5pm on Monday 24 October 2016.

They will be holding only one drop-in consultation event in North Mymms which will be held at: Brookmans Park United Reformed Church, Oaklands Avenue, Brookmans Park, AL9 7UJ on Tuesday 06 September between 3.30pm and 7.30pm.

This consultation differs from previous consultations as legally, at this stage, you may only make representations on whether the Local Plan has been prepared in accordance with legal requirements and whether it is “sound”.

The Inspector will look at whether the Council has met the legal requirements for the preparation of the Plan and whether it meets what are known as the “tests of soundness”, as set out in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).


You can respond online, by post or email but you should complete a response form so that any representation you make can be forwarded to the Planning Inspectorate with the necessary information.

If you do not use a form you will run the risk that your response cannot be forwarded to the Inspector as it will not meet the Planning Inspectorate's requirements for the examination of the Plan.

You will need to identify what part of the Local Plan you are commenting upon and use a separate form for each representation you wish to make.

The Inspector will need to know whether you support or object to the plan and, if you object, what is the basis for your concern.

You may find it helpful to refer to the guidance notes for making a representation available on the online consultation portal from 30 August 2016.

The online consultation portal can be accessed at

 If you prefer to submit written representations by e-mail or post, please use the representation form which will be available during the consultation period at the inspection points (the nearest one is North Mymms Parish Council: The Council Offices, Annexe to No.1 Bungalow, Bushwood Close, Welham Green, Hertfordshire, AL9 7YZ Tel: 01707 268418) or online or by contacting the Planning Policy Team at Welwyn Hatfield Council Tel 01707 357000

Representations must be submitted to the Council by 5pm on Monday 24th October 2016 either:

Representations will be sent to the Planning Inspector and will be made public. It is the Planning Inspector, not the Council, who will consider your representations at this stage.

A guidance note will be available to help you to complete the response form. Responses must be made on the form, either through the Council’s online portal; or by emailing or posting the form to Planning Policy at the above address.


We will be holding two Public Meetings to update and advise you. The meetings will be led by Planning Consultant Jed Griffiths MA Dip TP FRTPI and we are hoping our local MP, Ward and Parish Councillors will be in attendance.


  • WELHAM GREEN: North Mymms Youth and Community Centre Station Road MONDAY 19 SEPTEMBER 2016 at 8pm. 
  • BROOKMANS PARK: United Reformed Church Bluebridge Road WEDNESDAY 21 SEPTEMBER 2016 at 8pm. 

 We look forward to seeing you there.

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