Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Letter that has been sent to ALL Parliamentary candidates.

Dear Residents,


Please find below, an email that has been sent to ALL Parliamentary candidates by the “North Mymms Green Belt Society”, which the Brookmans Park Residents Association associates itself with.




Martin Connolly

Honorary Secretary.



“On behalf of the North Mymms District Green Belt Society, with some one thousand members in the Welwyn Hatfield Constituency, I am writing to you as a candidate for the Constituency in the forthcoming General Election.


The Society would like to ask you about your commitment to the Green Belt and would be grateful if you would answer the following questions.


1.         Do you agree that a Green Belt Policy is necessary to prevent urban sprawl and that the Home Counties in particular are in special need of protection against the expansionary pressures from London?


2.         Do you support the National Planning Policy Framework which permits development within the Green Belt only in “very special circumstances” and alteration of Green Belt boundaries only in “exceptional circumstances”?


3.         Do you agree that it is wrong for Local Authorities to set housing targets in the Local Plan without also providing for a proper increase in the supporting infrastructure?


4.         Do you agree that WHBC should not be pressurised by Central Government policies to agree to inflated housing and development targets in the Local Plan if these cannot be met without building in the Green Belt?


5.         Do you agree that the housing target of 12,024 chosen by WHBC in its Local Plan is too high for the area, reflects pressures from Central Government and is driven by “London” rather than “local” needs?


6.         If elected will you:


  • Press for the immediate review of the methodology being used to calculate housing targets (the OAN) promised in the recent Housing White Paper?


  • Positively seek to work with other Hertfordshire MPs to stop development expansion in the County at the expense of the Green Belt?


We are writing similarly to all the candidates and it is our intention to place the answers from each of the candidates on our website at


Thank you in anticipation for your reply.




Nigel F. Matthews OBE


North Mymms District Green Belt Society”



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