About Us

The Brookmans Park Residents Association (BPRA) was formed in July 2013.

The BPRA is a pressure group representing, voicing and acting upon the concerns of local residents.

The objectives, as set out in the BPRA Constitution are:

  1. To safeguard and promote the interest of residents in the area on matters concerning housing and the environment.
  2. To help to improve living conditions, community facilities and services for residents living in the group’s area.
  3. In order to do this we are committed to representing the views of residents in our community.
  4. The group will uphold equal opportunities and work towards good relations amongst all members of the community, specifically prohibiting any conduct which discriminates or harasses on grounds of race, religion, disability, political belief, sex or sexual orientation.

All those involved in running the BPRA do so in a voluntary capacity.  All our content is released under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA, which means you can copy, adapt and share it for non-commercial purposes - even our pictures.