The issues listed below are those mentioned at the first meeting when local residents gathered to discuss the setting up of the Brookmans Park Residents Association (BPRA). This list will be revised and updated before the next meeting.


All present at the first meeting, on Thursday 18 July, 2013, were invited to list their main concerns, and the issues raised include:
  1. Planning and development:
    • In particular the threat of building houses on the site of Brookmans Park primary school.
    • The proposal to build 250 homes on RVC land south of the village.
    • Developments that are seen as being out of keeping with the rest of the village.
    • Whether existing planning restrictions are being applied properly.
  2. The Hatfield incinerator:
    • Concern over the proposal to build a waste disposal incinerator at New Barnfield in Hatfield.
    • Transparency in the process, including broken political pledges.
  3. Village parking: 
    • The station car park and its future.
    • Village parking provision.
    • Parking restrictions and yellow lines.
    • Poor parking on pavements.

Your comments, your issues

You can add your comments below and in the BPRA discussion forum on the Brookmans Park Newsletter.

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